Rhyme and shine: A music blog by a girl with gold in her ears and a song in her step.

I’m that embarrassing person that sings to the top of her lungs and shoulder dances in the car when stuck in a traffic jam. I love music, from pop to rock, dub step, hip hop, r&b, jazz, folk, electronic and even a Disney song now and again. Forgive me for my sins I’m a child at heart. It’s the emotions music creates, it’s the tears it forms and the shivers it sends through your body as you surrender to the sounds that make you uncontrollable and overcome with feeling. There’s always a song that reminds you of a time of a place. The day I left school; Naive by The Kooks. The uni anthem; Day n Night by Kid Cudi. The song that proceeded a complete cock up on live radio with one very special presenter; Paper Planes by MIA (I promise I’m much better now). The list goes on and will continue to grow throughout my life and this blog is dedicated to the music I love and thoughts that I want to share.

At uni I studied Multi-Media Journalism in Bournemouth and was the Station Manager for their student radio station Nerve. I got the chance to present the Breakfast Show with Phill Jupitus (my name is in his book!), won the award for Best Female Presenter two years running and went on to do some work at Radio 1 with Fearne Cotton and with the  MTV news team. Now I work for a photography magazine, do radio presenting at the weekend on Stroud FM and part of the BBC Introducing West team. I like to keep busy.

I’ve been in three bands, a crappy pop/rock band when I was 14 named Measured Pleasure following the slogan of the Mars advert. A folk band called Daniel and the Lion with some of the most creative and amazing people you could ever meet, and finally a band with three men that have put one rememberable stamp on my life. The amount of gigs and festivals I’ve been to are countless and finally here is a place I can share my views on the ones to come in the future.

If you have any questions, want to send me your music, comment or just want to say hello it would be great to hear from you, email hello@rhymeandshine.net

In the meantime take a listen to my best bits from the radio

Jess x

P.s. My favourite ever gig was Live 8 2005 with my Dad, walking round Hyde Park bare foot because my Converse hurt too much, almost passing out from the sheer volume of people and watching the finest line-up of British music ever!


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