Currently listening to…Childhood


The perfect accompaniment to a beach roadtrip and even better to see live in the flesh, in the week that they were featured on the cover of NME Childhood stopped off in Bournemouth on Saturday night before heading to Swn Festival. First seeing the London group at 2000 Trees Festival in the Summer it was great seeing them in my old stomping ground of Bournemouth at by far my favourite venue, 60 Million Postcards. Surrounded by kitsch decorations in a homely setting they played their standout track Blue Velvet amongst a number of other belters, dressed in their laid-back 90’s inspired shirts. With a modern-twist to a romantic psychedelic sound and having fun with what they produce, there’s a certain charm to their music which strikes me right in the melodic heartstrings. Easy listening on a Sunday afternoon, but equally epic bashing it out at a weekend gig what’s not to like. Named The Guardian’s Band of the Day and NME’s Band of the Week, this is far from the swan song from a band living their childhood dreams.

A few little highlights from the trip

photo_1-1This view on a Sunday morning. 
That's why Bournemouth makes me so happy. 

photo_3Rainbow beachhuts.

photo_1Finding amusement from an anchor in a mug. It's 
the little things in life - at my favourite new coffee 
shop South Coast Roast. 
I indulged in a bacon, spinach and chilli jam bagel
which was divine.

And if cocktails are your game, head to Smoking Aces
at the top of the town, no menu just state your tipple.

P.S. Freddie Harrison is the best tour guide you 
could ask for.

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