Video: An Interview With…Rock Photographer Jill Furmanovsky

If you could list rock n rolls golden era of acts you can bet your bottom dollar that photographer Jill Furmanovsky has photographed them. Her first photo was of Paul McCartney, her first magazine was a shot of Roger Daultrey of The Who, an award winning image of The Rolling Stones Charlies Watts in the archive and a legacy that has spanned across music’s golden era, I interview the lady behind the lens at her London studio as she takes me through her most iconic images from Led Zeppelin to Stevie Wonder, Oasis and Michael Jackson

Finger on the pulse, coming towards the end of the interview Jill tells me about sending fan letters to new talents such as Jacob Banks who has recently collaborated with Wretch 32, and also the time Arctic Monkey’s supporting band The Strypes asked her to shoot their album cover. Now being played on the likes of Radio 1 this music fan has and will always know a talent when she hears one.


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