Acoustic Festival of Original Music: As featured on BBC Introducing


As you would expect, living in the Cotswolds doesn’t present the most exciting of gigs, but there are some gems that pop up that make you really appreciate your surroundings and the talent that comes from it. When you think new music, you think of the big cities like London, Manchester and Bristol, but acoustic duo Ethemia took it upon themselves to put on a whole day dedicated to original music performed by friends they’ve met along their way on their journey to musical success. Covering the Cirencester festival for BBC Introducing West I spoke to artists Charlie Drew, locals Kitten and Bear who have had quite a summer playing the likes of 2000 Trees and the Stroud Fringe Festival and one particular favourite in the form of 14-year-old Charlie-Anne who’s vocal capabilities you would not believe came from a talent so young.

Available until the end of next week, check out the full broadcast here. Or listen to the radio package produced for BBC Introducing West below.

Acoustic Festival of Original Music package as featured on BBC Introducing by Jessbracey on Mixcloud


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