Anavae tease new music video Anti-Faith

For a band that only formed two years ago, 2013 has been the making of alternative rock band Anavae, and at the height of the festival season now was the perfect timing to give us a tease into the best yet. Fresh off the stage from Summer in the City and set to play the Underground Festival in Gloucester next month, their international fan base have been ready and waiting for the next offering from the London band.

The teaser video itself pulls at the deepest heartstrings within the soul with its haunting speech that has brought a number of responses and raised intrigue. Is there a reference to religion, vampires, or is it all in the mind of the beholder who is interpreting the video in their own way. Whatever the final lyrics are, which are yet to be heard, they are sure to be delivered in the best way that Anavae present their music; dramatic, atmospheric, and not your average pop lyric but instead meaningful and one full of thoughtful insights.

Very excited to hear the track in full, but in the meantime let me know what you think.


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