International Insight: Amsterdam


Been a long time coming, but here’s the second instalment of a Rhyme and Shine favourite: International Insight. Ok, I know that we’re only on number two but it’s a great way of sharing my travel adventures and finding some great music along the way. In the first International Insight I explored the incredible music scene in Berlin and this time we’re flying over to Holland to the one and only Amsterdam. Up there in the top 10 to visit lists for its culture and ahem sights, this was certainly an insight into its ‘coffee’ culture, red light district, but also the great restaurants, architecture and vintage clothes shops.

The day before flying to Amsterdam from Bristol airport I had returned as one smelly mess from the glory Gods of festivals, Glastonbury, buzzing with excitement from the previous days only to think ahead for the next adventure. Whisked away on a birthday treat to the home of the tulips and staying at the hotel of all Amsterdam hotels, my inner musical geek almost cried when I realised I stayed on the same floor that John Lennon and Yoko Ono did their bed in for piece in that Hilton Hotel. The views from our 7th floor hotel room captured Amsterdam at its finest and its tranquil terrace overlooking the canal was the perfect way to wind down after exploring what the city had to offer.

So more of an insight into the music Amsterdam has to offer, this International Insight is more of a glimpse into its history and the sights seen (censored to the niceties of daytime Amsterdam of course).

elf indulgent photo overlooking the view from our Amsterdam Hilton hotel, where these two rather famous people did something quite memorable. 

Renowned for its dance music with DJs such as Tiesto and Laidback Luke making it into the top 50 DJ list, Fedde Le Grant is without a day one of the biggest names in Amsterdam, if not the entire spectrum of the genre.


A birthday I’ll never forget, Amsterdam was an incredible short trip away and a place I would recommend in a heartbeat. Clean streets, peaceful, full of culture and a place I felt at home thanks to its quirky bars and restaurants and great choice of shopping, just a 45 minute flight away you’d be a fool not to visit once in a lifetime.

Next stop…Stockholm!


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