International Insight: Berlin


The Rhyme and Shine blog is one year old today, woop woop. So to celebrate, I’m introducing a new feature. As I’ve just got back from my brief trip to Berlin and finally got round to sorting through my photographs, I thought it only seemed right to display a couple of my favourites from the collection and also highlight a few artists from Berlin that tickle my fancy. Got a few trips away lined up this year so keep your exploration eyes open for another one of these International Insights in the future.

Now my first experience of Berlin was being escorted to an abandoned warehouse  in Opernwerkstaetten, it was dark, there were lasers, music, food, drink, the most incredible camera in my eyes (the Olympus OM-D) and an indoor playground for adults. I’m not kidding you. This has to be one of the most surreal yet best experiences of my life. Each warehouse room had a different theme, whether it was Alice in Wonderland or a jungle gym, holograms or a QR code room, the one thing that stuck in my mind was the music, it was very out there, a little haunting, yet I liked it. Freddy  Knop encapsulates this rather well in his work mixing alternate beats and melody timings with a nice vocal with an electric twist.

At the helm of the bass scene in Berlin Sick Girls’ mantra is ‘Get Your Freak On’ and no we’re not talking Missy Elliot. Founded in 2004 when they began playing tunes that on one else was playing in techo-Berlin at the time they just wanted something to dance to, and have since gone on to produce tracks for BBC Asian Network over here. Playing across the city this summer previous highlights include playing alongside Dizzee Rascal and Shaggy!

Away from the beats and bass of electro Berlin, Betting on the Mouse’s downtime music is something nice to relax to the morning after the night before. I just love the simplicity of this track with the little Japanese hints on the glock and echoed guitars in the background. Raised in Copenhagen but now based in Berlin, this one comes from their current self entitled album. Their other track ‘One Lover’ is definitely worth a listen too and reminds us to live our youth while we still can.

Favourite shots from Berlin







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