On This Day: 1st June


As featured on the Teacakes and Talk show

A new feature to Rhyme and Shine, every Saturday we’ll be taking you back to the days of old and remising the news of the time and what tracks were in they heyday during that year. To kick things off we’re starting with 1st June 1985.

Big news story of the day: Hippies clash with police at Stonehenge. More than 300 people are arrested as police intercept convoy of hippies going to Stonehenge. The travellers were on their way to the ancient stone circle in Wiltshire for an illegal festival but were stopped seven miles from their destination by 500 police officers, who blocked a road and refused to let them pass. Officers from six different forces dropped 15 tons of gravel onto the road and used council vehicals to block the path of the 140 vehicle convoy. 

1985 in music

Willie Dixon sues Led Zeppelin over the song “Whole Lotta Love“, on the grounds that it contains too many similarities to his own song “You Need Love”.

A wax likeness of Michael Jackson is unveiled at Madame Tussaud’s in London, UK

Wham! becomes the first Western pop group to perform in China when they play a concert in Beijing‘s Workers Stadium during an historic 10-day visit.

Madonna begins her very first tour, The Virgin Tour (named after her Like a Virgin album) in Seattle, Washington, USA

Live Aid pop concerts in London and Philadelphia raise over £50 million for famine relief in Ethiopia. Performer included Queen, Elton John, The Who, David Bowie and of course, The Boomtown Rats.

1985 in current affairs

British Telecom announces it is going to phase out its famous red telephone boxes.

In Hollywood, California, the charity single “We Are the World” is recorded by USA for Africa.

William J. Schroeder becomes the first artificial heart patient to leave the hospital.

Microsoft Corporation releases the first version of Windows, Windows 1.0.

The first Nintendo home video game console in United States is released by the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Back to the Future opens in American theatres and ends up being the highest grossing film of 1985 in the United States and the first film in the successful franchise.


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