Introducing: August and After


After a chance virtual meeting through a mutual friend, London duo August and After got in touch to introduce themselves and their beautiful harmonious music that sends shivers down your tender feelings. Incorporating a mixture of narrative lyricism, guitars and classically-inspired orchestration while throwing in some violins and cello to really give it a magical feel.

Opening for the likes of Stephen Fry and performing in Paris they are currently working on a full-length album that encapsulates all the talent and emotion they project and have promised to up their flurry of instruments with piano and brass too.

When it comes to song writing and their influences, August and After say: “Some of our songs are inspired by specific moments or places. A running theme, that especially manifests itself in ‘Set Sail’ and ‘Sailing Round the Rings of Saturn’, is that of growing up, of coming face to face with the challenges posed by the next stages in our lives. We mention ‘sailing’ in a number of our songs, despite having only sailed twice between us; this we cannot explain. Our songwriting style has been influenced by many sources. Ned cites Radiohead, Muse and Metallica as prime influences, whereas Vedantha developed his style on a steady diet of Beirut, Van Morrison and Counting Crows. A love of Bon Iver and Kings of Convenience is something the two of us share.”

Recently played on the Rhyme and Shine show this is one of my favourite tracks from August and After, The Orchard.

2013 is set to be a busy one for these two and you’ll be sure to hear more from them here.



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