Soundtrack to my week: 07/04/13


April. It’s April. How quickly did that come around! So it’s been quite a manic week planning my new radio show, yes Rhyme and Shine now has a sister show called Teacakes and Talk which is a culture and lifestyle show for the Cotswolds, but never fear the Rhyme and Shine show is here to stay. As of a week Wednesday it shall return under a new format. Rhyme and Shine After Dark will be heavier with music that is more accepted at night time instead of at 11 o clock in the morning when everyone is sitting down with their tea and biscuits. It will be dancier, more electro, beat dropping fun at 8pm every other week. The blog will keep going and fueling my love of music, I’m just going to have to be super organised. It’s going to be great though. It’s time for change, it’s time for some sun and most importantly it’s time to track down some great music! With that said here’s the soundtrack to my week.

The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar

Ok so this one is no where near new but this week I had to fork out the remaining balance for my Glastonbury ticket. As a first time going I am beyond exciting, especially as the legendary Rolling Stones will be performing on the Saturday night, which happens to be my birthday!

Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us

Oh my days this one is certainly a great driving song. Following on from their hit Thrift Shop this is by far the best way to introduce your second track to the awaiting ears with a bang.

Nena – 99 Red Balloons

Amongst many other songs out there this one always reminds me of my other half, and just so happened to be the track I opened up my new show with. It’s such a happy track and is a great one when the sun is shining.

The XX – Sunset

Sometimes you just need a little XX in your life to put things in perspective when you’re feeling low. Ok in some cases this type of music might push you over the edge, but when you fancy lying in a dark room taking everything in this is definitely the one you want to listen to.

Frank Turner – Recovery

So uber excited for his new album to come out later this month. First track to come from Frank Turners’ upcoming album Tape Deck Heart this is a belter of a song to launch it with and the video is blooming brilliant!


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