Soundtrack to my week: 24/03/13


My goodness this week has gone quick. From getting a sneaky peek at the latest Canon range to stepping in the shoes of the legendary Twiggy it’s certainly been an interesting one, and the music reflects my eclectic state. So here it is, the soundtrack to my week.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Giantess

In times of stress and uncertainty Bombay Bicycle Club always takes me back to the days on my third year at university. Listening to this album till the early hours of the morning it always chilled me out and has worked wonders this week.

Otis Redding – These Arms of Mine

Travelling back to the 60s in a Twiggy inspired shoot, the soundtrack to one of my favourite films The Boat That Rocked stuck in my mind throughout the day. The artists of the time certainly new how to compose a great song that defines an era.

James Blake – CMYK

Versatile and back with a bang I love the work of James Blake, chilled out heavy beats with an incredible voice what’s not to like.

Biffy Clyro – Biblical

The latest track from Biffy Clyro is an absolute beaut, and belted out of the studio speakers during my weekend show.

PJ and Duncan – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

This one topped of my saturday night. Seeing the return of PJ and Duncan to our screen was, as I’m sure, welcomed back by the nation. Even after all these years they’ve still got the moves!


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