Soundtrack to my week: 17/03/13


Wow this week has gone quick! In fact it’s gone so quick that last Sunday’s soundtrack to my week passed me by! What a weekend it was though, not only did I get to meet the lovely Dermot O’ Leary at BBC Radio 2, I also got to see Hurts perform an intimate cover of Oasis’ Wonderwall which was incredible. Instead of indulging in magazines and Lee Evans on the train back home from London, this time I delved into the world of podcasts once again and listened to a plethora of fine audio from Lauren Laverne’s show highlights to the absolutely brilliant Desert Island Disks, finding out what photographer Rankin and Stroudie Cath Kidston would feature on their life playlist. Would definitely recommend it! In local music events I also went to the launch of Cheltenham band Aquation’s EP where they had the finest talent from Gloucestershire University tag along to perform too. A busy week indeed that has been filled with music and joy, so here’s the soundtrack to my week.

Hurts – Wonderwall (Oasis cover)

As noted above I was inches away from the electric duo, with one of them sporting quite the bruiser, spine tingling beyond belief.

Emma Stevens – A Place Called You

Signed to a good friend of mine, Emma performed on Terry Wogan’s Radio 2 Show and was incredible. A true English Rose in the music industry she also covered Ed Sheeran. Her career is going to sky rocket this year!

Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On

One of the tracks that stood out when listening to Cath Kidston’s Desert Island Tracks was this one. Reminiscing about how her daughter was played this when being told about the birds and the bees at school I thought it was a lovely if not somewhat bizarre anecdote.…0.0…1ac.1.MTSKLsBEY88

Nena- 99 Red Balloons

The boyfriend is doing his dissertation at the moment which is always a stressful time for any student. So to cheer him up I made a power through pack which contained a mixed CD of songs. After sending it off to Mr Postman, one of the tracks I forgot to include was Nena’s 99 Red Balloons, always reminds me of him, and so I’m putting it here instead.


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