Rhyme and Shine show 9th March


If you missed the Rhyme and Shine show this Saturday, never fear for I have created a handy package for you to listen to featuring all the best bits. And this week it’s a little bit special. Not only do we have an interview with a whole host of bands from KSH and the Going Goods to Welcome to Marathon and Nina Condron at the launch of Cheltenham band Aquation’s EP launch, there’s also two tracks from said EP for you to indulge in too! As well as this talk also turns to Frank Turner being a local at the Frog and Fiddle, Kings of Leon being too drunk to make any new material, and also celebrate International Women’s Day with the best song choice possible…Whitney Houston’s I’m Every Women.

Take a listen right here. Rhyme and Shine on Stroud FM 9th March by Jessbracey on Mixcloud

Listen to the Rhyme and Shine show every Saturday on Stroud 107.9FM, 11am-12pm.


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