An Interview With: Everywhere


At their first UK gig, playing a slot at the NME Tour Afterparty nonetheless, Swedish band Everywhere chat to me about performing in the capital, recording their upcoming album in LA and plans to concur the world.


The band are called Everywhere, where did that come from?

It means that we’re everywhere. It’s kind of random really, I imagined this poster for a festival and was seeing all these big names and Everywhere was amongst them and it just felt right.

How would you sum up your music?

It’s a very delicate mix between hard and soft, we get the soft pianos and then the hard punch of the guitars which clash and collide into a mix, and then the lead vocals tie it all together. It has influences from Arcade Fire, Coldplay and U2, large arena bands. Lots of sugar coated arena bands with classic ballads. For my frontman performance I have taken a lot of inspiration from guys like Jack White and Bono who have a very passionate stage performance. I like their outrageous behaviour where they’re pushing boundaries.

For those that haven’t heard of Everywhere before, what song would you recommend that they listen to first?

I’d say that Eddie would be the one to start off with, then Soldier is a key track too.


What Everywhere lyric would sum up the band?

If it ain’t right and they don’t care, let the flashing lights lead you there. That one just came to us in a rehearsal and just floated like water.

You’re a Swedish band and this is your first UK gig in London of all places, how does it feel?

It’s great, we’re definitely in the right spot when it comes to music.

So how just it feel to be on a line up in association with NME magazine?

It’s a great start to introduce the band to the UK market, it’s a great way to kick off our UK tour.


Even though this is your first UK gig, you already seem to have quite a following already.

We didn’t really know what to expect but the girls seem to get along with us pretty well and it’s always good to be a little flirtation on the stage with the female fans.

You’ve got quite a lot of gigs coming up in the area in the next couple of weeks, what can we look forward to?

We’ve got a lot of gigs booked here and are on a mini tour in the capital.

What has the feedback been like in Sweden?

It’s been really good. The response has been great when we do gigs back at home but there’s always the language barrier their because we’re singing in English which is better for a more mainstream market. We felt that bringing our music over to the UK we’d be able to reach people with our lyrics in a different kind of way than we would in Sweden. When it comes down to business people always respond better to lyrics which are in their native language.

Any plans for the release of an EP?

We pretty much have an entire album finished and is being mastered but at the moment we’re releasing a few tracks from the album one by one. But it’s not set in stone whether we’ll release an EP first or go straight for the album.


So what was the recording process like?

It was amazing. We were over in the states recording in LA, we had masseuses in lounges. We recorded with our friend Mark Needham who is a great producer and has worked with the likes of Imagine Dragons and The Killers. We wanted to use the best from the start to put out a great product. We have tried the DIY approach before by recording demos in the living room but it never has the same impact if you were to go to a recording studio and work with the professionals.

How do you see the band moving forward?

We’re going to keep on playing shows and building that fan base from the ground up. The response so far has been has great so it can only go up for here. We love the British fans.

What’s the dream?

The goal with this band is to break out internationally, which I’m sure every band is setting out to do. That’s why we chose to write our songs in English, otherwise we would be limiting ourselves to Sweden. And although singing in Swedish is popular in the country of course we want to break the world.


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