Soundtrack to my week 03/03


Can you believe it’s March! This year is going too quick and it’s not even funny. This week has been a bit of a weird one, I was up in Peterborough on a shoot on Monday which was great, then went to the gym on Friday (this is the person that hasn’t been to the gym in about two years) and had what I would call a quatre life crisis over the weekend in which I indulged in a west country Bridget Jones like state and ate a whole box of thorntons chocolates too myself and cider. Oh it did make me feel better afterwards though. I’m back on over production mode now so back on track, tomorrow is a new week and I’m ending this one with pate and bowling. What a combination. Music has also been quite a mix this week and is as follows:

Dr Hook – Millionaire

My Dad always has and always will be in love with this band from days gone by. I think he plays this track on repeat to give him motivation (I wonder where I get it from). Love the lyrics and this song will forever remind me of my dad.

Skrillex – Bangerang

Nothing says a banging car track thats Skrillex. Always reminds me of the first time I heard it in Manchester back in 2011 and will always put a smile on my face. No matter how dark music can sometimes be, whether it’s dubstep or System of a Down, it always seems to do the anti and makes me chirpy.

Ethemia – Falling Down

I have become very close to this band in the last two months and am so pleased to hear that they have been put forward for an exclusive BBC Masterclass. Cirencester band that are gigging all over the shop at the moment be sure to take a listen, but make sure to put the tissues on standby.

Bauuer – Harlem Shake

I think song has well and truly been on everyone’s mind for the past goodness knows how many weeks. There are a ridiculous amount of videos out there at the moment from OAPs to the Simpsons! Can’t get enough of it.

The Undertones – Teenage Kicks

Rejuvenised by those One Direction lads you can’t beat the original, but it’s all for charity so all is right in the world again.


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