Currently listening to: Chocolate by The 1975


Happy Pancake Day! Why is it that all festivity day are filled with copious amounts of food consumptions? Pancake day is certainly no acceptation. During our lunch break today we ventured to a colleagues house to gorge on as many pancakes as our stomachs could muster and most of them involved chocolate, so with that said the song that has not escaped my mind all day is the brilliant track ‘Chocolate’ by The 1975. In its sweetest glory this one fills me with so much happiness with its happy-go-lucky guitar riffs and interesting dulcet tones with a twist from lead vocalist, the word chocolate just rolls of the tongue. There are certainly some great bands coming out of Manchester at the moment and these guys are definitely one of them.

Whilst on the subject of pancakes I beat my record and my total pancake count at the end of the day was seven and consisted of the following:

  • American Blueberry Pancakes x2
  • Maple Syrup Crepe
  • Nutella and Raspberry Crepe
  • Nutella, Raspberry, Banana and Lemon Crepe
  • Netella and Banana Crepe
  • And the pier du resistance: Bacon and Maple Syrup (never tried it before but it was unbelievably good!)

What was your pancake count and what was your favourite flavour?


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