Stroudies on 6 Music

gigslogoHow good is this! Stroudies on 6 Music! Always brilliant to see local talent hit the holy grail of music and these guys truly deserve it. From the hometown that holds its own free mini Glastonbury every year, with it’s own local twist, Hot Feet are a folk, blues and roots n roll band that hail between the Cotswolds and Brighton. Singer Marianne is one with the greens of the countryside and tends goats and sheep, while Lachlan on bass builds stonewalls – when they’re not making beautiful music that is.

Influenced by the delta blues, world rhythms and sixties folk their EP has been produced by none other than Pete Roe, sidekick to Laura Marling and songman too.

Stumbled upon by Marc Riley himself in a Brighton bar, he subsequently invited them for a session on his 6 Music show. Broadcast earlier this evening, Stroudies united around the wireless at the good old Prince of Albert with a pint of ale to accompany the wonder of Hot Feet on their road to the big time beyond the small land.

Take a listen to their mesmerising track Wood House here


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