Canterbury 2012 Highlights Video


What a year it’s been for Canterbury! UK tour, launch of second album, number one in the itunes rock chart, recording music videos and generally being all rock n roll (how jealous am I), they have now released a video showcasing all of their highlights from the past year. Not only that, but Canterbury have also hinted at recording a third album this year to follow on from ‘Heavy in the Day’ released in 2012.

The Underground Festival hosted in my hometown of Gloucester made a prominent feature which made me giddy with glee, not only because I got to see them live but also because I got to interview them too. Here’s a link just in case you fancy taking a listen. Such great guys who deserve everything success that comes to them, they are a blooming hard working bunch.

Looking forward to seeing what comes up later on this year. In the meantime, enjoy the video, it’s quite a treat.

Also just noticed that I made an appearance on their Facebook page mid interview back in October, how did I not recognise this!



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