Cassette lovers rejoice!


The palm sized piece of plastic has been adopted by certain quarters over recent years, but the chart eligible casette single seemed a different matter entirely.

According to the Official Charts Company, though, the sale of cassette singles trebled in 2012; not a huge amount when you look at the figures, but an increase nonetheless. Selling a massive total of 604 units (up from 218 the year before), it seems that Feeder were the difference after releasing their single ‘Borders’ from the album ‘Generation Freakshow’ on the format, shifting 480 copies.

Meanwhile 3,823 casette albums were sold in 2012, with 270 albums being sold on Mini Disc.

Overall, sales of albums in the UK dropped by 10%, with 19.5% less albums sold on CD in 2012. Sales of digital and physical albums combined dropped by 11.2%, though singles sales hit a new high.

In an age when so many different mediums were being forced upon me and my £2 pocket money I think I bought two cassette in total, Samantha Mumba and Britney Spears’ Oops I Did It Again. Yes I was a total pop princess when I was a youngun. I did however buy a lot of blank cassettes so I could record the radio, then realised at the tender age of eight that this was in fact illegal. Thus the decease of my cassette days. CDs on the other hand, they were something else! Playing them on my walkman that skipped everytime I walked. All I can say now is thank goodness for the ipod, problem solved! As soon as I get my own official place though I stepping back even further and marching myself straight to the car boot sale to invest in a record player. Music in its finest form!

Long live the music that we can collect and hold in our hands, maybe not the cassette though. 

(Just looked on Amazon and a Steps cassette is going for 1p, you can’t even get sweets for that!)



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