Soundtrack to my week: 06/01


New year’s resolution…get back to the blog. And so here I am, one week on from what was an incredible new year’s eve followed by a cold that never seems to go away, I’m back on the blog and here to stay. So opening the new year with the soundtrack to the previous week, a mixed bag as always, songs included:

Mary Poppins – Supercalifragulisticexpialidocious

What better hangover TV than watching Mary Poppins, by far one of the best Disney films out there that encapsulates everything quintessentially British, combined with a bacon butty and a cuddle on the sofa…perfection.

Bloc Party – So Here We Are

Back to work this week and Bloc Party has been my inspiration soundtrack, reminds me of incredible memories in 2012 – listening to them on top of the Hilton hotel in Venice and seeing them live in Manchester – it makes me daydream of future great times yet to come.

Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

All over the radio at the moment and I song I actually like, Taylor Swift’s new material is on my like list and I’m a particular fan of this one. It’s even been played on my weekly radio show.

Prince – 1999

Going to party like it’s 1999, that we certainly did. Well more like party it was 1969 as we went to a James Bond themed party to welcome in the new year, glamour and penguin suits ahoy! This one by Prince always reminds me of new year’s eve.

Mumford and Sons – Lover of the Light

What better way to spend your itunes voucher card than on the brand new Mumford and Sons album, musical beauty in its finest form.


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