Soundtrack to my week 04/11

Been one of those week when I’ve just got my head down and ears to the ipod. Quite a mix of tracks this week but it’s been one for the awards with the MOBOs and of course the Mercury Prize too. So with that said, here’s the soundtrack my week.

The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon

Ever since coming back from Manchester after seeing Bloc Party I have been obsessed with The Kinks. Why you ask? Well, after stumbling in from the taxi and making my way to the pick n mix on goes the telly and who happens to be on BBC4…The Kinks. An entire back catalogue of their BBC performance it was a brilliant early morning engagement to days gone by.

Welcome to Marathon – Hurricane Anna

Last weekend I helped out with the Oxjam Cheltenham Takeover and was looking after the BBC Introducing Stage at The Exmouth. This lot headlined and they were absolutely amazing, this track is by far my favourite and what’s even better…they’re a local band!

Dog is Dead – Teenage Daughter

The latest track from Dog is Dead, I was obsessed with this band all summer and couldn’t wait for their album to come out. Announcing that this is their next track to come from the album it’s a beautiful one at that!

Alt-J – Tessellate

How could I not include this lot. Definitely my album of the year and it would appear to be the critics favourite too after scooping the Mercury Prize! Such a worthy winner.

The Strokes – Under Cover of Darkness

Finally, this one reminds me of my uni days and I’ve been feeling all nostalgic this week so it’s up there in my top 5 tracks of the week. The chorus, the melody, loved this song from the off when Zane Lowe played in twice in a row on Radio 1.


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