Soundtrack to my week 21/10

Little bit delayed I know but it’s been a busy few days. First off it was driving back from Manchester after seeing the boyfriend and watching Bloc Party perform at The Warehouse Project which was amazing. I wrote a review about it and everything! Then it was of to the launch of the new GoPro HERO3 at London’s Red Bull Studios which was incredible, they really are brilliant cameras and I can’t wait to have a play with it. Now the one great thing I love about driving long distance is listening to the radio full volume and hearing lots of new music and the dulcet tones of Zane Lowe and MistaJam in the evening. With that said, here’s the soundtrack to my week (last week).

Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia remix)

This was MistaJams exclusive first play on Wednesday when I was driving t’up north. Now this is what I call driving music. Keeping the brilliance of Prodigy alive but untouching the greatness of this song, but modernised it in a way that was fresh and in line with my dubstep liking. Big thumbs up!

Bloc Party – So here we are now

An absolute classic from Bloc Party, no joke I almost cried when they played this live (yes I am really that sad). Beautiful in an indie way I grabbed onto my other half with excitement and endearment upon hearing the song.

Theme Park – Milk

Supporting Bloc Party these guys brought so much sunshine into a dark and dingy warehouse. Their active stage presence and Hawaiian themed shirts made me all happy and dancing around the Shakey Jake (remember the milkshake?). This track is definitely my favourite and it was so good to see them live.

Jake Bugg – Taste It

Celebrating a number one album this weekend Jake Bugg’s music is infectious and very British which is something I like very much indeed. His album is definitely worth investing in.

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lot of Love

After loosing this precious album I finally got round to buying the album Mothership again. Led Zeppelin is such a classic and takes you through so many different emotions in just one album (saying that it does feature 24!) I was dancing around to this song so much on Sunday that I tripped over my suitcase, I was in the zone!


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