Soundtrack to my week 14/10

This week has been spent getting hyped up for the Bloc Party gig next week so I have had their back catalogue on repeat not stop, whilst also delving into a few others too so I won’t bore you too much with Bloc Party overload. With that said here is the soundtrack to my week.

Bastille – Flaws

A beautiful song, I can’t believe I missed them when they played in the shire at the Underground Festival. Missed a trick there! Such a catchy tune that’s nice to sing along to in the car.

Plaitum – Diamondii

Featuring in last weekends soundtrack to my week I can’t get enough of these guys and I can’t wait to see them at The Warehouse Project on Friday supporting Bloc Party!

Rolling Stones – Paint it Black 

After getting my hands on the golden ticket of festivals, Glastonbury, I have been obsessed with seeing who is rumoured to play and this lot tops the list. Releasing their first single in seven years surely The Rolling Stones playing Glastonbury is a done deal, right?

Skrillex and Damien Marley – Make it Bun Dem

Always love a bit of dubstep me. Joining forces I love what came out from these two and always makes for great driving music.

Bloc Party – Kettling

Off course they had to go on the list, releasing the second single from their album Four this is a belter of a track and I am uber excited to see them live again on Friday!


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