Soundtrack to my week: 07/10

This week I went for a complete rampage of one of my favourite music sites Rcrd Lbl, a great source for new music and brilliant remixes that are absolutely free to download. As it’s been a pretty quiet weekend too I’ve managed to completely redo my radio demo which you can listen to here. This was following by far my favourite show on Stroud FM where I played my latest feature Lucky Dip DJ with the hilarious Jake Kirton, if you missed the show then never fear a made a handy little podcast. So with all the new songs I have got my hands on this week, here is a selection of my favourites. Oh yeah…never guess whose going to Glastonbury Festival!

Platium – Geisha

I did a post about this guys after seeing that they are on the line-up for the Bloc Party Warehouse Project gig I’m off to in a few weeks time. Their dark, electric sound is completely up my street and the track Geisha is just incredible. Although a little under the radar at the moment I can imagine this track ending up on a car advert one day, I can see it now. Anyways, so so excited to see these guys live!

IntoTheNorthSea – All in a Glow (Plaitum remix)

I couldn’t help myself, I really like these guys and the way they’ve turned this track into something their own. IntoTheNorthSea are a pretty good band too so check them out!

There’s no video so just have a listen here

AlunaGeorge – Your Drums Your Love

It’s quite an interesting mix this song between r&b and indie electronic, brilliant driving tune that is sure to pick up your day when the weather is getting you down a little bit.

The Other Tribes – Skirts

The summer may be over as the nights draw in but I’m already pumped for next summer as I’m going to Glastonbury Festival. Never been before so this is a first for me, but something everything has to do in their lifetime. This song has got festival written all over it and would you believe they’re just down the road from me in Bristol!

Everything Everything – Cough Cough

Coming back with their second album early next year Everything Everything are back with their latest single and my goodness is doesn’t half make you walk with a song in your step. All round happy music, and I’ve only got my dear friend Freddie Harrison for introducing me to them.


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