An interview with…Reggie Yates

Mixing music with photography Reggie Yates speaks about his portraits of Wretch 32 and Mr Hudson at an exhibition in London.

*As featured on the Photography Monthly website*

Stepping away from being in front of the camera and in the spotlight, this time presenter Reggie Yates and Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding went behind the camera to spearhead a competition in association with Pentax celebrating Britain.

The Meet Britain competition came to a head on Friday with an exhibition at The Design Museum, London, showcasing the shortlisted finalists over a number of categories.

Iconic British imagery covered the walls over five different categories including: Great British Outdoors, Summer Holidays, Great British Culture, Family and Friends and Celebrations, where the shortlisted photographers were also invited to the exhibition to see their work showcased amongst the two celebrity photographers.

Speaking to Photography Monthly about the competition, Reggie Yates said: “I’m a massive fan of photography and always have been. I love capturing images and the minute I got my first SLR that’s when it stepped up a massive amount, so this was a great opportunity to do that. I think this is a great project because of what Pentax were trying to do with the Meet Britain message and the products are cool too.” Talking about his portraits of artists Wretch 32 and Mr Hudson featured in the Meet Britain exhibition, Reggie said: “For anybody that takes portraits trust can play a huge part because the minute that person relaxes they reveal something they haven’t normally done in a photo, particularly an artist that gets photographed all the time.”

In addition to the Meet Britain exhibition, Pentax’s latest range of cameras including the new bridge X-5, the mirrorless Q10 and the K-5 II digital SLR were also on display. On the new products Reggie said: “I think these cameras are great and it’s a good opportunity for someone who isn’t an expert in photography to be able to do really interesting things. You can edit on these cameras as well which is something I haven’t seen before, some of these are not necessarily SLRs so it’s not as scary or daunting in terms of all the controls.”

Hear the full interview with Reggie Yates talking about his photography work and what tips he offers other photographers here An interview with Reggie Yates by Jessbracey on Mixcloud

Take a look at Reggie’s work at


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