Soundtrack to my week 30/09/10

Quick run down of the soundtrack to my week. Been a very busy music filled weekend including my weekly radio show, baking cakes (can’t get any more rock and roll than that) and going to the Underground Festival in Gloucester to sell cakes for Oxjam and interview the incredible band Canterbury. Now that the week is over, here’s what I’ve been listening to.

Angel Haze – New York

The following two songs have been ones I’ve heard on the radio and have absolutely loved. This week I’ve been feeling too old for Radio 1, which sounds awful I know, so when I do hear an amazing song like this I take note. When I first heard this one do you know what I thought…this song could really mix well with the song ‘My Grandma Your Grandma’, something I’ll be giving a go next week.

Polica – Lay Your Cards Out

Second one of the two this one is nice and chilled and is such a mellow yet cool song to listen to. And it features Mike Noyce of Bon Iver. Can’t argue with a good song.

Canterbury – Something Better

Had the pleasure of interviewing these guys for the music DIY today and they were so lovely. They’re also brilliant live which is always a bonus and opened with this song and oh my days it was a belter. So good live, would definitely recommend.

Thomas Ian Nicholas Band – You Don’t Know

Yes it’s Kevin from American Pie, I couldn’t quite believe it myself. He was there with his band and they were incredible. Couldn’t believe that a big Hollywood starlet like him was in our humble abode of the shire. My goodness he’s got a beard and a half on him.

Jimi Hendrix – Along the Watchtower

Last but not least, finishing with a classic. After Delvin and Ed Sheeran took hold of this one and brought it to the mainstream, I thought I would revisit the old after listening to the new.


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