Soundtrack to my week 23/09

What a week for music! Led Zeppelin are back, Radio 1 is getting set for Grimmy to take on board the breakfast show and all is well and good in my own radio world introducing a new feature to my weekend show. In need of updating my ipod and am waiting in anticipation for the new Mumford and Sons album. So much good new music around at the moment it’s crazy. With that said here’s the soundtrack to my week…

Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused

After hearing that Led Zeppelin are releasing the live footage from their 2007 O2 Arena gig Celebration Day I have gone back to the Mothership and listened to Led Zeppelin non stop all weekend. Amongst all the greatest of that album Dazed and Confused has to be one of my favourites. I wonder where Dazed magazine got their inspiration from?

The Killers – Mr Brightside

This week on my Saturday Stroud FM show I introduced a new game called Lucky Dip DJ. Remember the days of your school fete and the excitement of dipping your hand into that unbeknown buckets of ripped up newspaper only to get a tacky toy at the end of it, well this is that but so much better. Five boxes, five genres of music all you have to do is pick one box and the mystery machine will pick a song. The first round was a success with our caller picking the Rock and Indie box and we do we have…only The Killers!

Maxsta – Pop Off

Been listening to Radio 1xtra on the commute to work this week, haven’t been a fan of waking up to Scott Mills on Radio 1 (all change as of tomorrow), but this is the one song that stuck in my mind. Full of bass, excitement and makes me want to dance I am a big fan of Maxsta and look forward to seeing what he does next.

Fun. – Some Nights

Great return from the Fun. guys this Lion King inspired track as it seems is one of those songs that makes you smile when reminiscing summer memories – particularly driving to the airport and hearing this on the radio.

PSY – Gangman Style

Not through my own choice but this song has been blaring out non stop all week. I can’t say if I’m a fan or not to be honest, I guess I’ll never decide. It’s definitely not a favourite though!


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