No more McFly day

So one week on after Chris Moyles left Radio 1 and the breakfast show. Surely he’ll be back…won’t he? In the meantime the commute to work has been rather boring and not the same without the saviour of the radio. It hit me today when there was no more McFly day, the one song that perked me up on a Friday morning to let you know the weekend is here and you can let your hair down (be it with five colours in your hair or not.) Might just need to put McFly on standby for when I need a lift of mood. Without that to keep me going through the traffic this morning I switched over to Radio 1xtra (man I love having a DAB radio in my car!). It must be said, I am a massive fan of 1xtra and hearing Twin B in the morning, the music is bassy and makes you want to get up and rave ready for the weekend when on your way to work. Yes as I have said many a times before, I am that embarrassing person that shoulder dances in the car. It’s gets me going in the morning. Here is the one that is the ultimate in this week in shoulder dancing, how could this not wake you up in the morning. Love Maxsta’s new stuff including his remix of I Wanna Rock and this one…Pop Off.


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