Soundtrack to my week: 15/09

Should be more like the soundtrack to my month, it’s certainly been a while but I’m back and on board with the blog. It’s all been a bit mental lately with organising my first event which was exciting but so stressful, I did an Stroud Fringe Festival: Oxjam Special and raised an amazing £710.31 which is brilliant (post to follow), then it was onto the airport the day after to go to Venice which was incredible. Nice to relax after such a busy time, got to chill by the pool listening to the new Bloc Party album…bliss! With that said here’s the soundtrack my (couple of) weeks:

Bloc Party – Octopus

The first single from their latest album Four, I’m so glad Bloc Party are back together! And what’s better I get to see them in a few weeks time so excited! 

Labrinth – Treatment

One of those songs you can’t get out of your head and is on the radio a ridiculous amount of times and never gets old

Lianne Le Havis – Forget

Brilliant voice and this track is definitely my favourite of hers, it just has that something quirky to it.

Canterbury – Gloria

Looking forward to seeing these guys in a few weeks at the Gloucester Underground Festival. Another great album that came out recently, listened to this song on repeat this weekend driving to Cambridge. I see a location theme here.

Mumford and Sons – I will wait

Such a gorgeous song and I am eagerly anticipating their new album. The lyrics are very true to me at the moment so it always pulls some strings on me every time I listen to it.

Basshunter – Now your gone

Bit of a weird one, but this was the song following the last ever Chris Moyles show that almost had me in tears, was such an emotional morning and a sad day for radio!

There’s just so many good albums out at the moment my pocket is going to take a battering this month. At least it will do so with a skip in its step.


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