Young Kato: Drink, Dance, Play

Ballsy, edgy and driven with an 80s twist, Young Kato’s first debut offering Drink, Dance, Play is everything but a one hit wonder. Stamping onto the scene with their scent of sweet tunes and a musical backing that has the foundations to a string of songs I can’t wait to hear, this track from the Cheltenham boys has had me hooked all summer. Not just a tune for the festival season but one that will see you through the winter months and a guaranteed soundtrack to some trendy TV show – you’ve only got to watch the music video to get a hint of that.

The modern moto to ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’ Drink, Dance, Play is the indie anthem to a good night out (and the blissful results of the morning after for that matter). It’s in your face, packs a punch and you can only imagine how good this would sound blaring out on the dancefloor, throwing some shapes in the mix.

Signed to Manchester label LAB Records Young Kato describe themselves as electric, pop, energetic and take influence from the likes of The Smiths, Maccabees, Dog is Dead, Foals and an abundance of current sounds where they meet in the middle of all the greats. Not afraid to call themselves pop they’ll be sure to make you fizzy with excitement in the future. Definitely one to listen out for so make sure you download it now.


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