Soundtrack to my week 12/08

Well it’s certainly been a while. I’ve been venturing off to Newquay on a group holiday, bunk bed and surf wound in tow, then a busy old time at work. Wishing I’d been listening to the Beach Boys basking in the sun, but no we faced rain in the good old fashioned way.

Kings of Leon – Crawl

This track along with many others from the brilliant Only the Night have kept me going this week. Ever since seeing their rockumentary, which is amazing by the by, I can’t stop listening to them. Great surfing soundtrack and tunage when winding down.

Drumsound and Baseline Smith – Through the Night

Had to drive t’up north for a photography related interview for work this week with Radio 1 being the soundtrack to my journey as usual. Despite hearing the same songs three times, this is the one that stuck in my mind as a blinder of a new track from Drumsound and Baseline Smith. Great to sing along to and as a drum n bass/dubstep fan, always great for road trips.

Muse – Survival

Been revisiting their back catalogue a lot since they released their song for the Olympics. As said in a previous post it has a very dark Muppets feel to it with drama, bit of a twist to the Muse legacy. Can’t wait to see what they pull out at the closing ceremony and their new album to come.

The Wombats – Moving to New York

Reminiscent of a time when our group of friend first learnt to drive, going round Bristol in search of the Skins audition this one always brings back good memories. And if the sun isn’t shinning well let the music bring the happiness. New York is a sunning place right?

Harbour – Almost Home

Seeing them at a local festival a few weeks back, Harbour are a Cheltenham with a whole lot of talent. Free to download from their website this is one of a few tracks homegrown by the band who have big things to come. Such a lovely sound (in the rock n roll sense of course) with melodies that stick in your mind and lyrics that have you donning your best vocals.


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