An interview with…Young Kato

Dubbed the indie one direction Young Kato were far from poptastic. But that doesn't seem to faze them as they welcome the tag of good looks and a cult following, but believe me their talent is certainly above and beyond the manufactured x-factor success. Unashamedly singing along to their latest single Drink, Dance, Play their energy was infectious as you couldn't help don your best shoulder dance. Influenced by current music such as the Maccabees and classics like The Smiths, their 80s inspiration was mixed with modern guitar riffs and drums reminiscent of the Bloc Party early days, infectious to the ears and eyes with a stage presence that commanded your attention.

Hosted by Radio One’s Jen Long she announced Young Kato onto the Park:live Gloucester festival stage commenting on their hairdos, a plethora of the finest in a decades worth of iconic styles. Having circle time with them backstage under the summer sun we talked about the local music scene, the fans, what’s next for them and of course their look that could flatter any onlooker. Set to play Queen of Hoxton, London, in a few weeks as well as this year’s Stroud Fringe Festival and launching their EP in the near future, the horizon certainly looks electric for this group. Oh yeah and they were featured on Emmerdale the other day surely that’s worth some cool points!

Listen to my interview with Young Kato here An interview with…Young Kato at Park:Live Festival Gloucester by Jessbracey on Mixcloud

Young Kato bio: Cheltenham band signed to LAB Records, Young Kato are a six piece band with influences taken from days gone by up to modern sounds with an electronic, indie vibe with an alternative yet pop touch. 

Download their single Lights for free via their Facebook page 


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