Soundtrack to my week 22/07

It’s sunny! How nice is that! Well saying that I’ve sat outside for an hour and now have a nice square tan line on top and my freckles are starting to pop out to. So this week I went to London to interview Pink Floyd The Wall photographer David Appleby for work which was amazing, such a stunning exhibition that’s a great into the film. At the weekend I went to the free Gloucester festival Park:Live and saw a great line up including Young Kato, Harbour and Lexy which I will put up interviews and photos very soon. With that said here’s the soundtrack to my week.

Young Kato – Lights

These guys were definitely my favourite at Park:Live and I got to interview them too which was pretty cool. This song is currently free to download on their website, so check them out. They’re also a local band from Cheltenham too which is always brilliant.

Alt-J – Fitzpleasure

Alt-J were also featured on the soundtrack to my week last time, and yep I’m still listening to the album. This one is creeping up to be a favourite, I just love the drop of drums and bass just a way through.

B.O.B ft Taylor Swift – Both of us

My ultimate guilty pleasure of the week. Just one of those rememberable choruses that you can’t help sing. Not a huge fan of Taylor Swift to be honest but I quite like this song. Seems like B.O.B likes to collaborate with leading ladies, e.g. Aeroplanes with Hayley Williams from Paramore, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s next.

Gaslight Anthem – 45

Just a great song with harmonies that I like to sing along with.

Awolnation – Sail (Unlimited Gravity remix)

My brother is into watching skate and bike videos and this remix was on one of them. Big fan of the original song and particularly like this take on it.


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