Calling all Blur fans

This came into the Photography Monthly/ Professional Photographer magazine office yesterday and was something I just had to share. Blur the photography exhibition is coming to town.

After years in limbo of the 90’s Britpop band Blur, a unique exhibition celebrates the bands vivid history in the music business following their reunion this year.

Entitled ‘Blur 21: The Exhibition’ after 21 years in the game, Spotify and EMI are presenting an extraordinary collection of over 70 images of the band from legendary music photographers, designers and artists such as Pennie Smith, Kevin Cummins, Paul Postle, Tom Sheeha, Banky and Julian Opie.

21 years after the release of their deubt album Leisure (1991) the foursome featuring Damon Albarn, Graham Cox, Alex James and Dave Rowntree will return to the heart of London in a showcase of rare photographs, artwork and never-before-seen images of the British band.

90’s music fans ensemble, as this is one exhibition not to be missed.

Spotify Presents Blur 21: The Exhibition at the Londonewcastle Project Space, London from 27 July – 14 August.

Blur by Pennie Smith


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