Interview with…Dog is Dead

With duck tape tied to Joss the keyboard player’s shoes, Dog is Dead did not expect the wrath of the Shire when playing the main stage at this year’s 2000 Trees festival. Performing not only to a soggy crowd but to sheep in the distance too, they brought sunshine to the fields of Upcote Farm near Cheltenham with their mix of indie sounds with “uplifting pop for jazz junkies and choir folk” (as said in their own words) and a saxophone thrown in for good measure. Dog is Dead was the band I had been longing to see since hearing their track Young, witnessing their name flash up on the 2000 Trees site I was certainly filled with musical glee and the wait was surely worth it.

Their harmonies sent shivers down your spine as their joint a capella vocals resinated throughout the stage and onto the field.  I can honestly say they are one of the best live bands I have ever seen, and were certainly hyping up the crowd for a party – saxophone style. Announcing their upcoming debut album entitled ‘All Our Favourite Stories’ this October, they finished their brilliant dance-uneducing set with my favourite Glockenspiel Song and left the crowd wanting more. Until next time the dog isn’t dead it’s just getting fired up for bigger things to come. The perfect accompaniment to any summer festival with cider in your hand and the best dance moves you can pull, in a cool indie way of course.

Dog is Dead bio: Signed to Atlantic Records, the five piece band hail from Nottingham and some of the members date back to school days when the magic began, and started their musical journey as a whole in 2008. They’re down to earth, a rather fashionable bunch and have been linked to the sounds of Noah and the Whale and Bombay Bicycle Club but on a far much uplifting scale. They have played Glastonbury festival and are heading to Reading and Leeds later on this summer.

I had the pleasure of going backstage and interviewing lead singer Robert Milton and guitarist Paul Roberts (real name Rob), hoping to get a look-in of their tour van we were ushered to their dressing room with an order of fish and chips on their way.

Their latest single Glockenspiel Song is out next week and you can download their EP Talent Show for free from their website. Happy days!

Photos of Dog is Dead at 2000 Trees festival


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