Soundtrack to my week 15/07

What a week! Busy times at work and then it was off to 2000 trees festival in the shire. Always brilliant to have a festival right on your doorstep, especially in this weather when you can pop home to shower. I know it’s not in the spirit of the weekend, but in this weather seriously the mud was up to my knees. After receiving an itunes voucher for my birthday it’s time to explore new music.

Alt-J – Breezeblocks

I bought the Alt-J album ‘An Awesome Wave’ this week, bit slow on the uptake I know, but it is absolutely brilliant. Heard the term ‘folkstep’ earlier today and think it’s such a good way to describe it. With vocals reminiscent of Bombay Bicycle Club and just beautiful music to back it up, I am in love. Although their current single ‘Tessellate’ is great I am much more in musical awe of their track Breezeblocks. To this one, no joke, I was skipping to my car on the way home to work feeling like I was in a sunny dream, when actually it was raining.

Dog is Dead – Young

Caught them at 2000 trees this weekend and they are brilliant live, CD quality live they were that good. I’ve wanted to this this band for ages because their harmonies are spot on and their music makes me so happy. Also had the pleasure of interviewing them after their set which was incredible (post to follow soon). This is currently my favourite of theirs and I can’t wait for their debut album to come out.

We are Scientists – After Hours

After finding out their playing a free festival in the shire next weekend I’ve revisted the band We are Scientists. Can’t wait to see them perform, this is definitely one of their finest.

Lower than Atlantis – If the World was to End

Another band I managed to catch at 2000 trees. Performing in The Cave tent their heavy sounds resonated throughout and they had such a great energy on stage.

MGMT – Kids

Such a classic song and one that was on my party playlist last weekend. Used to cover this one in my band Daniel and the Lion and I have great pleasure to announce that we will be reuniting this September during the Stroud Fringe Festival for my Oxjam event. Very exciting stuff indeed!


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