Soundtrack to my week 1/07

The birthday party playlist. It was my birthday on Friday, turning the scary age of 22 I am now longer a child. Well I wasn’t when I turned 18 but what the hey I’m young at heart. For my birthday extravaganza I was treated to a surprise lunch at work, stayed by the Cotswolds lakes with my beloved, had a meal in Cheltenham’s The Daffodil and then a party round mine yesterday. Don’t worry I spread it all over a couple of days. So a very busy but fun birthday indeed. This soundtrack to my week is dedicated to my top five party tracks from the weekend, then it’s off to watch Idiot Abroad, as I will be said idiot abroad as I’m going to Budapest tomorrow!

R Kelly – Ignition

One of the boyfriend’s favourite tracks of all time. My mum used to fancy R Kelly, she probably still does to be honest along with Ross Kemp. This song always reminds me of when I went on a school trip to Paris when I was in Year 8 (aged 13), they played during the disco at the end of the trip when I was peer pressured into kissing my curly haired boyfriend at the time. Kids are so mean!

Bowling for Soup – Girl all the Bad Guys want

This song always reminds me of Propaganda nights in Cheltenham. The indie club night hosted all across the country. It is just one of those typical indie rock songs you listened to in your prime doing things you probably shouldn’t have when you were 15, we’ve got to learn the hard way somehow. Mental note: Your parents always knew you were stealing the Bacardi, can’t stand the stuff now.

Limp Bizkit – Rollin’

Again along the same lines, and yes I am sad enough to do the hand movements. Such a tune!

Kanye West – Gold Digger

The ultimate party song. Kanye West can do no wrong, and when him and Jay-Z joined forces for The Thrown oh my days was that some magic! The lyrics are funny and one’s you love reciting when your grinding in your dingy local night club.

The Killers – Mr Brightside

A classic in any playlist. I saw The Killers briefly when I went to Live 8 many moons ago and was so disappointed that they didn’t play it. This is the one song that undoubtfully comes on in an indie club at some point in the night, and I don’t know why but it always leaves a lump in my throat.

See you after Budapest!


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