Insanity down aisle five

Listening to Mr Cool of Music, Zane Lowe to you and me, I was hooked to the radio with the announcement that Muse were providing the song for this year’s London Olympics. The masterpiece of a song called Survival is beyond epic and is like something you would hear in a film, think a darker and more menacing version of the Muppets, complete with choirs and as much rock as Weston-Super-Mare. One revelation during the Muse interview on Radio 1 was that despite their dubstep influenced trailer for their upcoming album, only one song features this genre and the record is a bit of a mix bag of different sounds from jazz to the standard Muse sounds. After having my epiphany of musical knowledge after a rather lovely surprise birthday lunch I work, I go to the co-op to buy some treats. What’s playing on the shop floor I hear you ask? It’s only blooming ‘In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle’…ON REPEAT! I was ready to slice and dice down the meat aisle in my mental state of madness hearing this (albeit catchy in the right situation) crap excuse of music. I felt bad for Muse, and my ears, that this was the proceeding track upon hearing such a song. Rant over, insight of the day: Make supermarkets play decent music and not ‘Now this is what I call cheese’. I wonder how the Olympics clan are going to present Muse’s song, however they do it I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

If you haven’t heard Muse’s track ‘Survival’ yet well here you go!

By the by this picture of them running with the Olympic torch is absolutely brilliant!


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