Sountrack to my week 24/06

When is the summer going to arrive. I’m wishing for sunshine next weekend for my birthday but it’s sad to say that it doesn’t look promising, sigh. It’s quite nice to have the rain when you’re sat inside watching a film, this time it was The Muppets and I cried! How does that even happen! This week as always has been a bit of a mixed bag with my song choices. My ipod has completely packed up now so I can’t even update it anymore and have reverted to syncing songs on my phone. Not that I’m complaining, the ever brilliant iphone…music player, text maker, photo taker, all in my pocket. So the soundtrack to my week was…

Charlie Simpson – Thorns

Keep revisiting Charlie Simpson, but this one is my favourite to sing to with the lovely harmonies.

Bloc Party – Talons

As Bloc Party began their touring string this week and debuted tracks from their upcoming album Four, I have been playing their back catalogue of songs ever since my boyfriend announced he was working with the very band on Wednesday. It’s difficult to pick a favourite of those, I definitely have my top five which you can take a gander at in my previous Bloc Party post, but this one is definitely up there. Taken from their latest album Intimacy it has its mellow verses that builds up to an epic chorus full of loud noises, it is brilliant! Just as a sneaky peak…the new album is quite a familiar sound not compared the their previous album full of electronica.

Coldplay – Us Against the World

After buying my dad the latest Coldplay album, of course I had to steal it and put it on my digital device of choice. Apart from the brilliant singles like Charlie Brown and Princess of China, the lyrics to this one are beautiful and is generally a very heart-warming song.

Mistajam podcast – Document One

Podcasts are a great way to hear a variety of new music, and who better to offer this free service than the BBC. Since having my new mini I’m now able to listen to DAB radio on the move which is amazing. I never really listened to 1xtra before, other than on a Saturday, so now I’m exploring how brilliant it really is. Mistajam, 7pm onwards weekdays is a brilliant pioneer of dub step and his daily dose of dubstep downloads are absolutely great. This is one of my favourites, purely for the mix to the knife party track just before the minute mark. Listen and appreciate.

Download the Mistajam podcast for free here. 


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