Bloc Party are back

It brings me great pleasure that one of my favourite bands Bloc Party are back. After splitting a couple of years ago (it brought a tear to my eye seeing one of their last gigs in Plymouth, 2009)  Kele followed the break-up by doing his own solo album, the four piece have hit the recording studio once again to bring some musical goodness to our very ears. Announcing that they were playing come back gigs in London, Manchester and Glasgow they debuted seven new tracks from their upcoming album Four, due to be released 20 August this year. I was very tempted to hop on a plane to Ibiza to catch then headlining Ibiza Rocks with radio God Zane Lowe, but lucky for me – and my wallet – they are doing a full on tour this October. Supported by one of the bands of the moment Theme Park, this is one gig I am looking forward to.

Bloc Party will be stopping at Bristol, Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow as well as Manchester’s Warehouse Project in October, and trust me I will have the lyrics to the new album remembered as if it was my mother’s birthday. You can get tickets here.

My top five Bloc Party tracks:

1. The Prayer

2. Talons

3. Compliments

4. I Still Remember

5. The classic that is Banquet 

P.S. This photo was taken by my beloved who did the sound for the very band last night at Manchester’s Ritz, the lucky so and so. And yes he did rub it in something cruel.


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