The Pendulum has stopped swinging

Pendulum took to Twitter today to announce that they will not be recording any new tracks or will be performing in the following year amidst rumours that they have split up. Although this may seem like an end of an era as many of the press think that the Australian six piece have split for good, I don’t think this is the end for the drum and bass force. Their current side project Knife Party is doing so well at the moment and I don’t think it would have been right if Pendulum took their sound down the dubstep path. Why change something when you can leave a legacy with the brilliant music they created over a decade and create some ‘will they won’t they’ suspense. You can still hear that classic Pendulum sound from one of my favourite tracks Tarantula in the current Knife Party track Bonfire with a reggae vibe. As if they’re saying we might have left the past, but we’re still keeping to our roots with our new baby. EIther way they are making amazing music and I don’t think this is the end of Pendulum just yet.


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