Soundtrack to my week 17/06

Happy Fathers Day!

What a busy week it’s been! Started off the week by heading t’up north and going to the Ilford Harman factory where they make all the black and white films and photography paper. I always make sure to create a new playlist for long distance journeys, but my ipod is playing up at the moment and the connection to speakers is being a bit dodgy, so the car audio experience is currently not at its best. Here’s just a quick run down of what tracks have been on my recently played list and have been the soundtrack to my week, a very mixed bunch indeed!

Cat Empire – Two Shoes

Whilst on the way the play golf with my friends on Tuesday, and by no means was I any good, this track was playing in the car. I first heard the Cat Empire by a friend of mine at uni but never fully appreciated them. But now I’ve really got into them, especially this song and love their cool, mexican, holiday, indie guys busking on the street type of vibe.

Knife Party – Bonfire

Big fan of Pendulum so when they did this little (by little I mean huge, to their surprise I imagine) side project you knew it was going to be epic. Was previously hooked on their collaboration with Skrillex and their latest offering is just as good if not better. Big fan of dubstep so this was right up my street. However the over saturation of it on Radio 1 currently might ruin it for me. We’ll see.

Coldplay – Princess of China

For father’s day I bought my dad the latest Coldplay album, bit behind the times I know but it was on offer in Sainsburys haha, and currently loving their song with Rihanna. Plan to listen to the album non stop at work next week so I’m sure I’ll have a new favourite next Sunday.

Alex Clare – Up All Night

I got his album Lateness of the Hour about a year ago so it’s odd to just hear his songs on the radio quite an age after he released his debut album. As much as Too Close is a brilliant song, the cheekiness with the lyrics of this one, it’s rocky edge compact in less than three minutes, and that guitar riff (albeit simple but sometimes that’s when the best songs are made) combined with those latino style drums makes for one great song and definitely my favourite on the album.

Noah and the Whale – Stranger

Have had this album in my itunes for ages and only came across this gorgeous song by Noah and the Whale this week! After looking at the lineup for Manchester’s Parklife festival last weekend I’d thought to revisit that album and realised how much of a gem this track is. A song that I’m sure many people can relate to but instead of going down the indie route of Post Break Up Sex by The Vaccines this is on a whole different level when it comes to post break ups.

On a final note. I have been really involved with Oxjam this week, the nationwide musical festival for the Oxfam charity, and went to their conference this weekend in Birmingham. Was a great experience and I learnt a lot, met some lovely people and had talks by the great John O’Sullivan and Melvin Benn, but more on that later post. Anywho, on my journey up for some reason the world service was on my radio and honestly I thought Her Majesty The Queen had died or something, let’s hope that day doesn’t happen for a long time! But silly me nudged the knob and it turned over when grabbing a pastry. Long live the BBC. I did however learn it was her birthday on Saturday, so Happy Birthday mam!


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