Holy Moly it’s Muse

Muse was one of those bands that brought me through my teenage years through their unbelievable and musically brilliant back catalogue of songs. After having the hype of fame from the teen sensation film Twilight, I see a pattern emerging here but by no means am I comparing them to pop tarts One Direction, it’s also curious to know what they were going to do next. Since their last album release in 2009 The Resistance, low and behold they are releasing a new album this September.

The trailer for The 2nd Law hit YouTube a day ago and has already reached well over one million views. It’s message is clear, it’s direction unclear, but its sound is something familiar but with a twist. Going all Al Gore on us and producing a music trailer focusing on the over saturation of worry within the oil and energy industry, a mock newscast is also a great way to grab the attention of your viewers. With a Star Wars-esk soundtrack bringing terror to the two minute trailer it then drops to a dub step inspired track, created in the pure form of guitars and drums, not this electronic malarkey, but made me the muscles of men making great music once again.

Set to be released on the 17th September followed by a huge European tour, is the dub step hint an insight into what the album is going to be like, conforming to the current trend in the music industry, or are they just teasing us and will continue to thrive as legends in the British music scene. It will be interesting to see the treatment of this album and secretly it would be quite interesting to hear how they take on dub step in their latest album. I’m confused, but excited and can’t wait to get my hands on that album.

See the trailer yourself to make your own judgement.


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