Soundtrack to my week 03/06

Happy Diamond Jubilee

Every Sunday I’ll be talking about the five songs that have been cemented as my soundtrack of the week. And this week I’ll be keeping it typically British to celebrate the Queen’s 60 brilliant years on the thrown. Yes I am quite a patriotic type. So my top 5 this week has been.

Rule Britannia

Through no choice of my own this song has been the alarm clock to anyone watching the TV over the Jubilee weekend. Surely the Queen must be fed up of this song by now! Nevertheless it puts the stamp on our nation and just goes to show that we truly do rule, and that we’re willing to line the streets rain or shine just to show our British pride. From the street parties, to the pimms and countless number of cupcakes consumed this Jubilee weekend has been fantastic. 

Lucy Rose – Don’t You Worry

Away from Jubilee celebrations the Dot to Dot festival has graced Bristol, Manchester and Nottingham this weekend bringing one heck of a line-up to these cities. Dog is Dead, Summercamp and even The Drums, thank goodness the weather held out to hold this brilliant in association with Fred Perry. My favourite was Lucy Rose, and since hearing her song on Skins many months ago I revisited this song again in all it’s greatness. A beautiful song by a beautiful voice. 

The Joy Formidable – Whirring

Just a great song, putting British guitar music back on the map. The legend that is Dave Grohl named this the best song of 2011, fancy that for a compliment. Met them at the Great Escape festival last year and they are such a lovely bunch and their album The Big Roar is just epic!

Broken Records – A Darkness RIses

First heard this song on one of my favourite TV programmes Made in Chelsea, that’s where I find a lot of music strangely enough. It’s emotive but packs a punch with a melody that just resonates in its three and a half minutes.  

Plan B – Ill Manors 

As the release of Plan B’s (Ben Drew) film Ill Manors was premiered this week it only felt right to put this in my top 5. The first time I heard in on Radio One I had the biggest Cheshire Cat smile on my face. The bass, the lyrics, the chorus, the message, I can’t wait to hear the full soundtrack. Oh, the Funtcase remix is pretty amazing too. Check is out! 


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